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The Money Secrets of Children

Welcome to the
"Rich Kid, Poor Kid" programme

Children have a lot of secrets about money – where it comes from, who is rich and who isn’t, how much they need and what they can afford.

In 2005, the Hong Kong Institute of CPAs started a project which sought to educate children all about money. Our simple belief is that it is important to start teaching children about money as early as possible.

The programme, “Rich Kid, Poor Kid”, sends real CPAs to schools to teach children about money values and skills with a storybook called May Moon and the Secrets of the CPAs written by renowned children's author Nury Vittachi, along with an animated film.

The “Rich Kid, Poor Kid” programme has been a huge success, winning accolades for giving CPAs an avenue to practice real social responsibility.

Watch the short video in English or Cantonese by switching the language mode (中文 / English) at the top and click here to find out more about the programme.

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We welcome your views on our ”Rich Kid, Poor Kid” programme, a corporate social responsibility initiative of the Hong Kong Institute of CPAs to help children and families learn about money basics.

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